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Below are samples of the detailed rock sculpting we can perform with our Flow Bengal 4 x 4 Water Jet. The maximum size stone we can handle AT ONE TIME is 4’ x 4’ x 6” thick . . . but we’ve pieced together some exciting jigsaw puzzles in the past. We love custom jobs!

Click on Control Panel above and to the left and you’ll be able to refer to a specific rock when you call us about your Coupon. Also, if you’re easily bored and . . . like most of us . . . your wife doesn’t let you handle the remote, click on the right-arrow to speed through our samples or click Pause if a particular rock catches your eye.

But why don’t you just kick back and enjoy the ride? We’ve got some really cool rocks.

If you’re visiting us because of our ad in Landscape Contractor National, call 940-549-2961 and ask about our Magazine Coupon.

If you’re visiting us because you found us on a search engine, call 940-549-2961 and ask about our Serious Shopper Coupon.

If you’re visiting us because you just happened upon our website, call 940-549-2961 and ask about our Get-A-Life Coupon.

If you’re visiting us because you’re a friend or family member, call 940-549-2961 and ask about our Cash-In-Advance Coupon.

Finally, and most importantly, if you want a GREAT rock at GREAT prices to decorate your home, garden, office, or to block your mother-in-law from visiting, call 940-549-2961 and we’ll give you a bargain and a great-looking stone.

Note about Coupons . . . our prices are already so low we can’t afford to discount, but it’s a good ice-breaker to offer coupons anyway.

The death of a loved one is traumatic and expensive. We can’t help with the former but we can with the latter. Our Tombstone and Footstone prices are generally one-third the price of those in the commercial market.

David Searls wrote . . . “Seeing death as the end of life is like seeing the horizon as the end of life.”

We can only help by helping with the financial pain. We don’t make our living on Tombstones . . . we try to make yours easier.

Below are some samples of our work.




Nov 9th 2008 002

Nov 9th 2008 009

Nov 9th 2008 013a

Nov 9th 2008 026

Alas . . . LOL . . . we’re not done yet. Rocks are our pleasure, machining pays the bills. Check out our other web pages. We have CNC lathes, manual lathes, and most any other piece of equipment a machine shop should have. We do . . .

Precision CNC Work
Oilfield Repair
Unique Receiver Covers
Custom Motorcycle Parts

We can ship ANYWHERE in the 48 states!!
Email us or call 940-549-2961 for shipping costs.

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